koca or desi he eng/slight tūt blatina native transfemmasc intersex lesbian nebularoace introject and syshost.. i am disabled!!

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(scroll!) i am autistic with personality disorders, be sure to iwc at times, prn preference changes, dont use tonetags, im blunt, i have low empathy and dont really care for peoples emotions, so try not to vent to me, umm and etc. we fuck around and find out (trademark)
do not interact
no dni, except if you have an opinion on ran mitake DNI!! and FUCK OFF! thank you

i love : my special interests, black edits, pinkpantheress, coryxkenshin, fnaf, bandori, odetari, le sserafim, new jeans, my girlfriends, etc

my friends : my gfs, YURI LOVERS!!, eva, ivy, heaven, merci, chico, umm etc! this is just the top of my head. ask to be added ! i wouldnt mind :3

ETA - New Jeans